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Currencies on Platform

Sragy is a simple and intuitive trading platform involving some of the most stable Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, IOTA, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum Classic and Ripple.

Currency Last Price Trade More
ETH INR 45900.00 Buy 416-644-7500 419-643-2603
ETC INR 1500.00 Buy Sell 8778080896
(856) 690-6426 INR 23.00 661-946-7064 Sell (808) 276-8867
LTC INR 13499.00 surveillance Sell (470) 481-2977
2037991986 INR 60000.00 Buy Sell 816-994-7775
IOTA INR 99.00 502-591-7678 (908) 497-4933 View
3378373751 INR 15.00 443-884-9654 Sell 505-792-3405
416-978-7787 INR 16.80 Buy 229-401-2946 (419) 941-2374

About Sragy

Sragy is a trading platform enthusiastically designed and maintained by a group of Cryptocurrency lovers, team who have worked in leading Information Technology and Financial Market.

We have an extensive track record in crypto world and cherish the trust we’ve gained over the years.


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Why team Sragy stand out from the crowd?

  • Multiple Cryptocurrencies at single marketplace.
  • We keep 98% of Cryptocurrency in offline or cold storage.
  • Pro support, team Sragy is always there 24/7/365 for any queries or assistance should you have at any point of time.
  • Cutting edge trading experience made possible with custom built trading engine.

Disclaimer: "Trading in digital assets/cryptocurrencies are subject to market risks and this specific market is highly volatile in nature. Sragy does not, in any way, advocates or promotes buying/trading any SPECIFIC/PARTICULAR Cryptocurrency. We are not a financial advisory company and we highly highly recommend you all to do a thorough research before investing/trading in these digital assets."

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